Amnesty International, York

barbed wire at Kashmir
people at a monthly amnesty meeting

Next Meeting: Tuesday 11th June at 7.00 pm.

It will be held at the Friends' Meeting House address and map


Human Rights Advocacy in India and South Asia – A lawyer’s perspective - by Mohammad Aman Khan

Mohammad Aman Khan is a lawyer from India, presently based in Delhi. He has worked on multiple spectrums of Human Rights issues including prison rights, child rights, labour rights, bonded labour, forest rights, violence against women, queer rights, housing rights, refugee rights, victims of police and state atrocities, hate crimes, minorities rights and securing rights of Human Rights Defenders.

He was the focal point for INCLO (International Network of Civil Liberties Organisation) on “Social protests and Police Brutality” from India. In 2018, he established a legal aid office in the State of Uttar Pradesh. Aman works with various organisations across different sectors and provides them with legal aid. His work also includes conducting trainings/workshops, organising meetings, conducting fact findings, and carrying out research, and documentation.

Aman is dedicated to creating a network of like-minded lawyers across the country to tackle the unavailability of lawyers in rural areas and non-metro cities.