York Amnesty Creative Writing Competition 2021 "Locked" — RESULTS

lock on a wooden door

The Results of the Writing Competition


Free at last ~ Mike Lawrence

Can nobody hear us shout?
Locked up in this tomb for days
Inside, a cry - “let us out”
amid this Container Maize.

Our limbs have lost all feeling
No strength to tap or knock
on floor or sides or ceiling
Who hears in this noisey dock?

For warmth there is just a sack
Water empty - food all gone
All colour lost - all is black
No light - no air - this is wrong

A son, a wife, a daughter
Their hopes of a new life fade
Solace over the water
Where they hoped they would be saved

It’s quiet now - all breathing ceased
Then souls drift through metal walls
Finally we have been released
to haunt those who ignored our calls.