York Amnesty Creative Writing Competition 2021 "Locked" — RESULTS

lock on a wooden door

The Results of the Writing Competition


No Vacancy ~ Rita Mirfin

I never gave it a thought, not really, me, having my own, private space. I mean. Not until Spring 2020 when Covid arrived and talk about none of use like change. Only thing is normally I’m ok with changes, at home, at work, planning, getting things done. No problem. Well, not until Spring 2020 any roads.

But then everything changed, all together, at once like, and I didn’t have a clue. I just had to accept it all, this Covid that changed everything see.

Stewart lost his job; Little Stew had his nursery shut. Christine had to home school, that’s become a big challenge in itself, Marion is having to share her bedroom with Colin’s computer and accommodate him during working hours. He’s been furloughed by his Bank. He’s doing very well there, in the call centre taking complaints and selling the idea to customers ‘now is the time to be moving on to online banking’. He refused to do the selling, (persuasion) he called it.

But then his Line Manager did her listing in check and he was told, “ that should he refuse again his job was at stake” .

Marion says she isn’t fussed. She spends all her time in front of the full-length mirror, locked in the bathroom, make-up, hair, mobile, iPod. She’s sorted in there from one day to the next. I just text her when dinner’s ready.

Stewart’s sitting at the kitchen table with his laptop trying to get another job. Postman sounded good opportunity to me but he’s not a morning person. Not really an afternoon person either. Truth be told.

Anyway, it all got too much for me and I had a bit of a breakdown, well quite a big one truth be told. GP and a friend, another friend and a neighbour all said I should go for counselling.

I must say it gave me a right start. But I didn’t really think I needed help, tt will pass over. I’m just tired with all the changes. I did it for Stewart and the kids really. I had another turn and when I saw their faces full of concern. So, as I say it did it for them.

I found a Counsellor on the Find a Therapist page, made the call and all was going ok. But then she said due to Coved we could only speak on Skype. Not at her Consulting room . Oh, ok I said. No problem. When? I said.

When you have a quiet, private, comfortable, uninterrupted space, access to a laptop and at a time to suit you, she said.

I can be flexible she said Which day and time suits you best she said.

When I said to myself ?

No Vacancy I said.